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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dirty Creek In Iligan City Becomes Beautiful Koi Pond After Locals Helped Out


It is a sad truth that there are many creeks, rivers, and various water bodies in the Philippines that have become polluted and filled with trash – no thanks to the humans who live near these areas who throw their garbage into the waters.

A creek traversing Purok de Oro, Zone 3 in Poblacion, Iligan City in Southern Philippines was just like those badly polluted creeks, but thanks to the locals who decided that it was time to change their ways and transform the creek for good, the dirty creek is now a beautiful koi pond.

Maybe, they had taken inspiration from the viral stories about the beautiful drainage canals in Japan which are so clean that there are koi in there.

The locals even made little gardens for the koi and landscaped the creek to ensure that it looks so much lovelier now.

We all hope that this will continue and that the locals will stop throwing trash into the waters to prevent the river going back to its previous dirty state.

We also hope that more creeks and canals in the country will be cleaned and converted into something similar to the creek in Iligan City, so we can have more things to appreciate even in our own neighborhoods.

Source: Definitely Filipino

Fish Vendor Graduates Magna Cum Laude Despite Financial Hardships


Born to fisherfolks Raul and Mary Jane Villamejor living in Argao, southern Cebu in central Philippines, Regine Cañete Villamejor is a proof that one should never let poverty be a hindrance to success!

As a child and even when she goes back home during weekends, Villamejor would wake up at dawn to help her family sell buckets of fish in the market and from house to house.

The fish they sell is from the catch her father gets at sea the previous night. Times are hard but the family budgeted their money well.

Although Villamejor admitted that there were times when she heard her parents arguing over money, especially when she started studying Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Commerce major in Communication and Marketing at the University of San Jose – Recoletos in Cebu City, several kilometers away from their hometown.

While money was tight, Villamejor did not let the financial troubles get her down. She strived hard to study and earn her degree so she could help her family.

Proud of her roots and the fact that her father is a fisherman and she also helps him sell fish, Villamejor hopes to find a good-paying job soon so her father could finally take longer rest from his job and so she could help send her younger siblings to school.

“My father told me one time that he wanted to sleep more but he said (that) he had to work hard (to do) in order for me to continue my studies,” Regine revealed.

“Looking back, my father would shed tears while looking at us when we were sleeping. We couldn’t even move because our house was so tiny,” she added.

“I’m not ashamed to sell the fish. My friends know about it but still they accept me for who I am! If I did not go through those challenges, wearing the toga (graduation robes) will not be worth it. We should not give up. Poverty is not a hindrance in achieving our dreams,” Regine said.

“I should never forget where I came from. No matter how many achievements you have, humble yourselves and keep your feet grounded. I will always be a proud daughter of a fisherman and a fish vendor,” she added.

Amazing, isn’t she? For not only did she graduate after the efforts of her poor fisherfolk parents, she also does so with flying colors as Magna cum Laude!

Source: Cebu Daily News

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The 5 Eye-Popping Facts From The Warriors Beatdown Of The Lakers


The Golden State Warriors beat the L.A. Lakers 149-106 on Wednesday. That score is an eyebrow-raiser because 149 is nowhere near 106 on the number line, which means that there was no overtime and there was probably gobs of garbage time. Both of these facts are true.

The Warriors scored 149 points in 48 minutes, with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green all sitting out the fourth, and Kevin Durant played about five minutes in the fourth for unknown reasons.

The final score wasn’t the only amazing thing from this game, though.

1. Only four Warriors scored in double figures.

They scored 149 points but only Curry (31), Durant (28), Thompson (26), and Ian Clark (21) scored in double-digits. That said, everyone on the roster but Patrick McCaw did score some points, and those add up.

By the way, the Curry-Durant-Thompson trio combined to score 85 points in 83 minutes on 53 shooting possessions (1.6 points per possession).

2. The Warriors had the most assists in a game in 25 years.

Golden State racked up 47 assists. The last time a team had earned that many in any game – regulation or overtime – was 1991. The Warriors got those 47 assists on 53 made baskets, so 89 percent of Golden State’s buckets were assisted.

Here’s the best one of the bunch:

3. No team has scored this many points in regulation in six years.

The last team to drop 149 in regulation was the 2009-10 Phoenix Suns. But only one team has hit 149 even in overtime since then: the Thunder in a double-overtime win against the Wolves in March 2012. Durant scored 40 in 52 minutes in that one vs. his 28 in 30 minutes this time.

Even better, the Thunder needed 113 field goal attempts to get to 149 in that game. The Warriors just did it in 86. In fact, per, only one team since 1983-84 has scored 149 or more in fewer than 86 field goal attempts. The ’86 Sixers scored 153 in 84 FGAs, thanks not to three-pointers, but to 59 free throw attempts.

4. This was a historically bad defensive performance for the Lakers.

The Lakers have been around a long time and have rarely performed this badly on defense. Per, the 43-point loss is tied for the fifth-worst in franchise history, and the 149 points conceded is the fourth-highest total in franchise history. It was the second-worst single-game defensive rating, the second-highest opponent effective field goal percent, and third-highest opponent True Shooting percentage for the Lakers since 1983-84.

It was also the most assists a Lakers opponent had tallied since 1983-84 and tied for the second-most threes hit by an opponent ever.

Bad job, Lakers.

5. Klay Thompson brought his dog to the locker room.

Remember this as the Warriors put up ridiculous numbers this season: Klay Thompson is helping the cause while not giving one solitary damn about anything but himself and his dog.

The Warriors are living the best version of life right now.


[Source: SBNation]

WATCH: Jeremy Lin Dunks On Everyone Including His Mom


Jeremy Lin is still a kid at heart because he brought back the “dunk cam” phenomenon in hilarious fashion.

The “dunk cam” was extremely popular on Vine last year. It involves someone dunking on unsuspecting people. Lin went all out with his version, having a family member hold a mini basketball hoop behind the target. Let’s just say that, nobody is safe in the Lin family.

Watch Jeremy dunk on his sister, his brothers and even his own mother! He also challenged his followers to make their best version of the dunk cam.


[Source: SportsTalkwithIsaiah]

Friday, November 25, 2016

The 10 Real People With Shocking And Extreme Deformities


Whether deformities are caused by genetics or environmental factors, they spark curiosity and wonder throughout the world. Many who have them have accepted their differences and led fulfilling lives. 

Some have undergone risky surgeries to change their appearance. Some have joined the circus and embraced the label “freak” to make living, while others have concealed themselves to avoid people’s reactions.

Here are the 10 real people with shocking and extreme deformities you have to see to believe:

1. Cutaneous Horns

Cutaneous horns result when keratin manifests in a conical shape and protrudes outward from the skin. Lesions found at the base of these horns may be malignant or benign.

When cutaneous horns grow, they tend to be on people with fair skin, at an average age of 50. Sun-exposed areas of skin are most susceptible. A biopsy can help determine the cause because cutaneous horns are related to a variety of medical issues. Possibilities range from verruca to Bowen’s disease. The majority of horns are benign, but about 20 percent are cancerous, and another 20 percent are pre-cancerous.

Some people even choose to let their benign horns grow. If a horn does sprout on your forehead, you can at least now rest assured that you’re probably not turning into a demon.

2. Aniridia

Black eyes aren’t necessarily a sign of pure evil. A condition called aniridia can cause absence of color in the iris, which may lead to weakened vision and sensitivity to light. This figures, as the literal translation of aniridia is “without iris.” Further conditions, such as glaucoma and cataracts, are likely to occur along with aniridia. Sufferers may be legally blind, may see well enough to drive, or may even have 20/20 vision.

A gene mutation causes this condition. It occurs around the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, as the eye develops. Aniridia can be inherited; a parent with this condition has a 50-percent chance of passing it on to his or her child. Parents who each have a mutated copy of the PAX-6 gene may be at risk for having a child with Gillespie syndrome and related cognitive disabilities.

3. Backward-Bending Knees

People with genu recurvatum have knees that bend backward surprisingly far, sometimes creating an animal-like appearance. The most severe cases involve a congenital dislocation of the knees. Other cases involve differences in leg length or diseases such as cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Another cause is physical trauma to the knee. It could happen while playing sports or in a car accident, for instance.

Surgery and physical therapy can help treat the condition. Leg braces may also be used. Depending on how well treatment works, this condition may become a permanent disability for some individuals.

To date, the most famous case of genu recurvatum is that of Ella Harper, born in Tennessee circa 1870. Ella preferred to walk on all fours. She was dubbed “Camel Girl” and found great success in the role. She even starred in W.H. Harris’s Nickel Plate Circus in 1886 and used the profits to better her life.

4. Prune Belly

Known more formally as Eagle-Barrett syndrome, prune belly syndrome causes extreme weakness in the abdomen. This leads to severe wrinkling and a prune-like appearance. The bladder of an Eagle-Barrett patient becomes permanently expanded and difficult to relieve, leading to further medical challenges. The genitalia, internal organs, and skeleton may also be negatively affected.

The cause of this condition is currently undetermined. It’s possible that prune belly syndrome is hereditary, as multiple cases have been noted within families. Parents usually have fair warning. When a fetus is affected, the prune-like appearance of the belly is often visible through prenatal ultrasound, allowing for early diagnosis. Undescended testicles are another symptom.

Nearly all Eagle-Barrett syndrome cases involve males, 95 percent, to be exact. Children with this condition are often stillborn, and those who make it past delivery may die soon from related complications, but some do survive.

5. Lobster Claws

People born with ectrodactyly tend to have deformities of both their hands and their feet. Varying degrees of surgery are used to correct this condition.

Known commonly as split hand/foot malformation (SHFM), lobster claw syndrome involves missing fingers or toes along with gaping clefts in the sufferer’s hands or feet. Fingers or toes are fused with other digits or webbed.

If only one limb is deformed, it likely occurred due to a non-hereditary genetic mutation. If the hands and feet are all deformed, the condition was inherited. Parents who carry the gene have a 50-percent chance of passing it down to their offspring. Some choose to have children despite the high risk.

Lobster claw syndrome is not related to more complicated medical conditions or mental barriers. The only challenge is learning to function with hands and feet shaped differently than most.

6. Neurofibromas

Those with neurofibromatosis have tumors on their nerves or under the skin. The tumors can often be removed. Even when they can’t be excised, they’re benign and won’t cause physical harm in the majority of cases.

Of the two types of neurofibromatosis, Recklinghausen disease is the most common. It can be, and often is, inherited. Parents with Recklinghausen have a 50-percent chance of passing it on to their children. If there is no family history of the disease in a Recklinghausen patient, the condition is caused by a genetic mutation at conception.

7. Supernumerary Nipples

When more than two nipples grow on a body, the condition is known medically as polythelia. Extra nipples typically form along the milk lines, which run from the upper torso to the groin area. Cases have been recorded in which supernumerary nipples appear elsewhere on the body, though. Other places they may occur include the thighs, face, and neck.

Regardless of where these abnormalities pop up, they are physically harmless. Underdeveloped nipples are often mistaken for moles, so removal is typically done for cosmetic reasons. Celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg have famously accepted and embraced their third nipples. Harry Stiles of the band One Direction admitted to having four altogether. However, not everyone shows their supernumerary nipples so much love. Carrie Underwood had hers removed, which she admitted at her American Idol audition.

8. The Caudal Appendage

A caudal appendage is a human tail, which is not like an animal tail. Human tails don’t help people balance better or swat away flies. In some cases, they’re symptomatic of much more serious conditions, such as spina bifida. All humans have a spinal protrusion in the womb. It’s typically absorbed in utero, but not all fetuses develop predictably. When a caudal appendage is not absorbed, the child ends up with a tail. It consists of fat, muscle, nerves, and blood vessels without any bone or cartilage.

Fewer than 40 cases of this medical rarity have been recorded. It affects males twice as often as it affects females. A caudal appendage may be removed if surgery is deemed safe.

9. Polymastia

When an unexpected breast grows on the human body, the condition is called polymastia. Extra breasts tend to appear in the same place supernumerary nipples grow: the milk line, which runs down the torso and to the groin. They can, however, also appear on the buttocks, the back, the hip, or even the face.

Accessory breasts contain the same tissue as typical breasts. This means that a third breast can harbor a malignant tumor and threaten the patient’s life. It’s also possible for third breasts to feature nipples and lactate, though it’s not guaranteed. These are simply possibilities that come with all breasts, wherever they happen to grow.

Polymastia is an anomaly of nature that extends beyond the human species. A few primates have been diagnosed with this condition. It’s rarer in the animal kingdom, but science has confirmed there’s such a thing as a three-breasted monkey.

10. Hypertrichosis

Hypertrichosis is also known medically as Ambras syndrome and cheekily as “werewolf syndrome.” Genetics cause people with hypertrichosis to have an excessive amount of hair, which may grow all over the body or only in concentrated areas. Ambras syndrome may also be acquired later in life – in relation to cancer, for example. Fewer than 60 cases have ever been recorded, but this is not just a rarity for the history books. People with hypertrichosis live today.

In 2010, Supatra “Nat” Sasuphan of Thailand earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the hairiest teenager. She’s one of many who’ve made the best of especially unique physical traits. People can embrace and find success through their differences, especially when those oddities are strange enough to be seen as extraordinary.


[Source: ListVerse]

Corona Founder Makes Everyone In His Spanish Village A Millionaire


All 80 residents of the quiet Spanish village of Cerezales del Condado have just become millionaires.

But their good fortune is not the result of winning El Gordo (The Fat One), Spain’s national lottery. It is simply because the hamlet was the birthplace of Antonino Fernández – the founder of Corona beer.

Fernández immigrated to Mexico in 1949, when he was 32-years-old, and went on to become the CEO of Grupo Modelo, the brewery company who make Corona beer. He died in August this year, aged 99, and was by then a billionaire.

Under his eccentric will, $300 million was left to the residents of Cerezales, the village in Leon province where Fernández was born into grinding poverty and grew up, one of 13 children.

It means each villager inherited roughly $3.75 million.

Maximino Sanchez, who owns a bar in the village, told the Diario de León newspaper: “We never had any pesete (money) before. I don’t know what we would have done without Antonino.”

When Fernández is only 14-years-old, he had to leave school because his parents could not afford the fees.

However, he later married Cinia González Díez and when he moved to Mexico, he began working for his wife’s uncle’s company, Grupo Modelo.

By 1971, he had risen to CEO and he helped make Corona not only Mexico’s most popular beer, but also a huge export phenomenon, including in his native Spain where it is sold under the Coronita brand.

Corona Extra is the second most imported bottled beer in the United States, with annual sales of $988 million.

Fernández never forgot his motherland and was honored by the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, for his charitable deeds.

But it was only after his death that it was clear to the people of Cerezales how much he loved his hometown.

The village is also getting a brand new cultural center, paid for out of his inheritance and a local non-profit foundation with 300 employees will also benefit.


Source: DailyMail

The 16 Grossest Things People Found In Their Food


There’s a  kid in Michigan who ordered a roast beef sandwich from a local Arby’s and got the surprise of his life when he took a big bite out of it and discovered a piece of a human finger bouncing around his mouth. This disgusting fact is that it’s far from the first time this kind of thing has happened.

Here are some other equally grossest things that people have found in restaurant food or even brand name foods that could be sitting on a store shelf or a kitchen near you:

Warning: These Stories Are Not For The Faint At Heart!

1. Dead Mouse Found In A Curry Sauce

When Cate Barrett bought a jar of tikka masala sauce from her local Asda store, she was expecting it to contain a bit of a kick. But what she wasn't expecting to find was the dead mouse which had somehow ended up in the jar – along with the rest of her favorite sauce.

The nursery worker had begun making dinner for herself and her boyfriend, Nigel, when she poured the sauce into the pan, and noticed it was a little lumpy. As she began stirring the sauce through, she noticed what looked like whiskers and a tail –and immediately knew it was a dead rodent. The couple took the dead animal and the jar of Asda Extra Special sauce back to the shop where a manager apologized and said it would be sent for examination.

2. Oven Glove Found In Hovis Loaf

A woman in Northern Ireland discovered part of an oven glove baked into her slice of bread – and she didn't even notice it until she began eating it. The loaf had been bought from a local shop just before Christmas.

When the victim discovered the contamination, she reported the matter to the environmental health section of the council. The packet turned out to be full of shreds of the hessian-type cloth. Herefordshire-based Hovis makers Premier Foods were fined £750.

3. Chicken Head Found In McDonald's Happy Meal

An American mother went to a McDonald's with her two 6 and 8-year-old children. She ordered two Happy Meals with chicken for the children and a hamburger with fries for herself. While they were eating, the 6-year-old was more interested in the slide across the street than in the chicken nuggets which he didn't even touch.

So the mother decided she would eat them. Without actually watching what she was doing she was bringing a chicken biggest to her mouth, just when her 8-year-old son yelled not to eat it. Then she looked at the biggest to find that, despite the crust, it looked just like a chicken's head. The manager offered them their meal for free and two more weeks of free meals. The mother pressed charges and demanded 100,000 dollars compensation.

4. A 7-Inch Knife Found In A Subway Bun

A Queens, N.Y. man sued his local Subway restaurant after he made a frightening discovery that gives new meaning to his former favorite, the Italian cold-cut trio: a knife baked right into the bun.

John Agnesini, 27, was shocked to find the surprise ingredient, and a large one at that, in his sandwich. The design director of HX magazine was sitting at his computer doing work and not looking at what he was about to put into his mouth. Agnesini said he didn't bite into the knife's blade and wasn't cut, but a few hours later, he said he felt sick to his stomach and went to his doctor.

5. Dead Frog Found In A Diet Pepsi Can

Fred DeNegri was grilling in his backyard when he cracked open a can of Diet Pepsi, took a thirsty gulp and immediately started gagging. The flavor of his Pepsi was rank and the texture was thick like slime. He immediately took it to a sink and shook out the contents until something resembling “pink linguini” slid out, followed by “dark stuff.” Despite persistent shaking, a heavy object remained inside the can.

Completely disgusted, the DeNegris immediately called poison control and the FDA, and the can was taken in for lab testing to identify the source of the sludgy mess. The couple received a copy of the completed report from the Food and Drug Administration Office of Regulatory Affairs, which concluded the foreign matter, appeared to be a frog or a toad.

6. Finger Found In Frozen Custard

A man found part of a severed finger packed inside a pint of frozen custard he'd bought from a Kohl's Frozen Custard shop, and officials said it belonged to a worker injured in a food-processing machine accident there. The customer, Clarence Stowers, said he put the finger in his mouth, thinking it was a piece of candy when he opened the pint at home. Stowers said he spat the object out, and “I said, ‘God, this ain't no nut!’ So I came in here to the kitchen and rinsed it off with water and realized it was a human finger and I just started screaming.”

The custard shop owner, Craig Thomas, said that the 23-year-old employee who lost the finger had dropped a bucket while working with a machine that dispenses the custard. He tried to catch the bucket when the accident occurred. Thomas said that as several employees tried to help the injured worker, a drive-thru window attendant apparently scooped the chocolate custard into a pint before being told what had happened.

7. Condom Found In Clam Chowder

In February 2002, a woman was eating a bowl of clam chowder at a McCormick and Schmick's seafood restaurant in Irvine, CA, when she bit down on something rubbery. She thought it was a piece of calamari, but when she spit it out into her napkin she discovered that it was a condom. She immediately complained and the restaurant manager took the condom from her. The woman later sued and won an undisclosed settlement from the restaurant. The restaurant itself tried to sue the supplier of the clam chowder, but a judge ruled in favor of the supplier.

8. Cockroach Found In Packet Of GoldenBoy

A man almost ate this cockroach, found inside a packet of GoldenBoy crispy anchovy snack. The cockroach was difficult to spot initially as it was coated with sesame seeds, making it blend together with the snack. He had bought a ‘GoldenBoy crispy anchovy snack’ and almost ate a small cockroach after eating about 1/3 of the snack. The cockroach even had sesame seeds on it, which means that it came along with the anchovies inside.

9. Black Widow Spider Found In Bag Of Grapes

A man from Boston found a living black widow spider in a bag of grapes bought at the Whole Foods Market in Brighton. Jorge Fuertes reached into the bag, pulled out some grapes and saw something black fall out and run away. He thought it was an ant, so he looked in the bag and found a southern black widow spider. He spit out his mouthful of grapes and noticed the spider's telltale red hourglass on its belly. He put it in a yogurt cup and went back to the store to let them know what had happened. 

A manager told Fuertes the entire shipment of Anthony's brand organic red seedless grapes would be removed from the shelves. In a statement Whole Foods, spiders are part of the landscape at their California grower and “although we are very cautious when unpacking produce, sometimes insects are not detected.” A black widow bite is rarely deadly, but its neurotoxic venom is painful. It can bring on muscle cramps, vomiting, and dizziness, especially in young children and the elderly.

10. Poop Found In Ice Cream

A family accused chefs of serving poop in their ice cream after they complained about noise during a football match. A bitter row broke out between them and one of Sydney's largest tourist pubs. State government food minister Ian Macdonald confirmed that frozen fecal matter had been found in a serving of chocolate gelato offered to placate pub patron Steve Whyte and his wife Jessica, who became “violently ill” after eating it.

Staff at the Coogee Bay Hotel, located just a few minutes south of Bondi Beach, denied the charge. Both the chef and restaurant manager volunteered for DNA tests to prove their innocence. Both sides have accused the other of money seeking, with the Whyte's claiming they were offered $5,000 (£1,500) in hush money by pub General Manager Tony Williams, while they in turn were accused of trying to negotiate up to $1 million in damages.

11. Maggots  In Fried Chicken

A woman who claims she found dozens of white worms wriggling inside a piece of chicken from a branch of KFC in China was dumbfounded when they offered her compensation – in the form of a free replacement meal.

Liu Tsai said she spotted the worms while eating the fifth piece of chicken from a 10-piece wings meal that she had purchased at a branch of the fast food restaurant in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

And when the 34-year-old was offered the same meal by way of compensation, she was so angry that she rang Chinese media, who photographed the worm-filled chicken and ran a report.

“I felt sick, and the last thing I wanted to do was eat another chicken meal from KFC,” said Mrs Liu.

A spokesperson for KFC said they had looked into the issue and insisted the woman’s suggestion was false.

“These claims relate to KFC China, and a story which was immediately investigated by KFC China and shown to be untrue,” they said.

This is not the first time KFC have had the quality of their food called into question. Just three months ago, an investigation aired showing workers at KFC suppliers Shanghai Husi Food preparing expired chicken that had been picked up off the floor.

12. Lizard In A Salad

Robin Sandusky, from NYC was shocked to discover a lizard in her salad from a local cafe.

“I turned it over and the gore was hanging out the back of the neck,” she told ABC News, adding that the lizard had an arm and half-open eyelids. “I said, ‘Oh man. I have a lizard in my salad.’”

She's calmer than we would have been.

13. Live Newt In Salad

She told the Sunday People: “I had already taken about five mouthfuls. The thought I’d been eating the very leaves where it had been laying and probably urinating disgusted me. I could have actually put it into my mouth. As a strict vegetarian it was particularly distressing to find an animal in my food.”

Adding: “My lunch became the talk of the office. No one could believe their eyes. This slimy newt was moving around in the salad as if nothing had happened. I felt upset for it and a colleague and I tried to give it water.”

14. Frozen Frog In Vegetables

These little blighters seem to get everywhere. Tim Hoffman from the US discovered a small frog in a packet of frozen vegetables. It had thawed out about as much as the vegetables had in the fridge overnight. Its mouth was slightly open and it stood perched atop a small hill of peas, carrots and corn.
15. Cigarette Fried Rice

When Tracy, 32, reheated a bowl in the microwave she was overcome by a strong smell of smoke. She initially thought the fumes were caused by the newness of the microwave which she had bought a few days earlier. She went to feed the rice to her one-year-old daughter and found the discarded fag end smouldering in the middle.

16. Razer Blade In Kiev

Sophie Perks bought the twin-pack of fresh garlic and parsley kievs from her local supermarket as a quick dinner for her one-year-old daughter Maddison-Faithe. But as the 22-year-old cut the snack up on the toddler’s high chair plate she was stunned when her knife hit a sharp slither of metal – an inch-long razer blade was inside. She received an apology.


[Source: Oddee]

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This Is Why You Should Stop Cleaning Inside Your Ears


Many people regularly clean their ears with the best intentions of keeping them clean and healthy. However, ears are not designed for cleaning. In fact, they have their own hygienic regime in place, and by sticking objects into the ear, you are only disrupting this natural process – or worse, causing an injury.

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNSF), warns against the use of cotton-tipped applicators and the habit of probing into your ears. On their official website, they connect the over-zealous ear cleaning with the risk of hearing loss.

Ear wax, medically known as cerumen, is a healthy feature of your ears and acts as a self-cleaning agent. It has protective, lubricating and anti-bacterial characteristics. It migrates from the ear drum to the ear opening, cleaning the ear canal, and then drying and falling out. This is a self-regulating process and in normal circumstances, there is no need to interfere. If there is an absence of ear wax, the ears become dry and itchy.

What happens when you use cotton swabs to clean your ears?

When you use cotton swabs, you are actually pushing the wax deeper into your ear, and into the area where it shouldn’t be. It can get stuck and blocked against the ear drum, which can cause all sorts of complications.

Fungus, bacteria and viruses from the outer ear get pushed into the ear and can cause infections, which are extremely painful. Second, if the wax is jammed deep inside the ear canal, it can cause hearing loss. If it gets shoved even further, it can damage the ear drum and result in a rupture.

Should the ears be cleaned at all?

Preferably, your ears should never be cleaned. By cleaning the inside of the ear you are only creating a vicious cycle.

According to Dr. Douglas Backous, M.D., chair of the AAO-HNSF and director of hearing and skull base surgery at Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle that when you constantly rub the skin of your ears, a lot of histamine gets releases. This makes the skin irritated and inflamed. And the more you scratch, the more it itches.

The only time that ear wax should be cleaned is when you’ve been assessed by a doctor, who has noticed wax accumulation (cerumen impaction). The condition presents with symptoms such as earache, hearing loss, tinnitus, itching, odor and discharge. The ear should then be cleaned by a medical professional.

If you do want to continue cleaning your ears, do not insert anything into the inner ear! Clean only the external ear (which is also the recommendation of cotton swabs manufacturers), using a cloth.

You can also use gentle at-home irrigation if you really have to or just cannot leave your ears alone.

Dr. Backous recommends a mixture of one part white vinegar, one part rubbing alcohol and one part tap water. Makes sure it’s at body temperature and use a few drops in each ear.

But the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be putting anything into your ear. Just let the body do its magic!


[Source: HealthyandNaturalWorld]

Man Attempts To Dunk Basketball Over Top Of Sports Car And Fails Hilariously


A basketball player was left red-faced when he attempted to get the ball in the net at the same time as jumping over a sports car, which is where it all went disastrously wrong.

The man took a confident run up, as the ball was tossed in the air by an organizer of the challenge who just stood nearby.

But while he does manage to get his hand on the basketball, his legs don't quite follow, and he suddenly loses height in mid-air.

Moments later, the man gets his foot caught on the car and flips straight over the passenger door.

The hilarious clip was uploaded to YouTube by Dunkademics Mixes and has already clocked up almost 260,000 views.

It is thought the incident, was taking place somewhere in the US although the exact location of the footage is not clear.

Watch the hilarious video below:


[Source: Dunkademics Mixes]

This Simple Fruit Is 500% More Effective Than Your Cough Syrup


This exotic fruit was brought to Europe from South America in the times of Christopher Columbus. It was originally a sign of prestige and featured only in lavish banquets.

Nowadays, this fruit can be easily acquired and they are popular around the world for their sweet and fresh taste, and also for their health benefits. This amazing fruit is no other than – the pineapple fruit!

As a matter of fact, in Central and South America, where this simple fruit is believed to originate from, it has been known for centuries for its positive effects on digestion and its anti-inflammatory properties.

The anti-inflammatory effect is attributed to the action of bromelain, which is an enzyme and a powerful antioxidant. Many studies to date looked at bromelain’s functions. It has been recommended that it alleviates joint pain, arthritis, reduces inflammation, inhibits tumor growth and shortens recovery time after surgeries.

Furthermore, bromelain is one of the most popular supplements in Germany, where it has been recognized for its potential in reducing inflammation and swelling of the nose and sinuses, most commonly after a surgery or injury. Bromelain also kills bacteria and fights infections.

According to studies, pineapple is rich in vitamin C. One cup of pure juice contains 50% of your recommended daily intake. If you eat fresh pineapple chunks, one cup will provide you with 131% of your vitamin C needs for the day. Vitamin C is an important vitamin and an antioxidant. It keeps your body healthy and strong by maintaining the bones, muscles and blood vessels.

In addition, pineapple contains some other important nutrients too, including vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, manganese and potassium. Indeed, it is an amazing source of essential vitamins and minerals.

In fact, when it comes to treating persistent cough and cold, pineapple juice can soothe a sore throat and helps to cough out all the stubborn mucus. One study that compared over-the-counter cough syrup and pineapple extract showed that pineapple was five times more effective. Patients recovered 4.8 times quicker when taking the natural pineapple remedy, and had an overall improvement in their cold symptoms.

In 2010, a group of Indian scientists looked into different treatments for tuberculosis. They discovered that a mixture of pineapple juice, raw honey, pepper and salt helped to dissolve the mucus in the patient’s lungs.

Therefore, when you reach for pineapple juice as your healing modality, it is important to get unprocessed natural juice. Store-bought brands often contain a lot of sugar and not much real fruit. If you have a juicer at home, the best option is to make your own fresh juice. Just follow this simple recipe:

  • 1 cup of fresh pineapple juice
  • A quarter of a cup of fresh lemon juice
  • Some fresh ginger
  • A tablespoon of raw organic honey
  • Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • You can also add some turmeric (this will help with your digestion)
Mix all the ingredients and drink two to three times a day. Now you have your own cough remedy with no toxic chemicals added!


[Source: Healthyand NaturalWorld]

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