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Watch UCLA-Bound Kobe Paras Dunks Against His Opponent

UCLA-bound Kobe Paras shows off what he can do inside the basketball court. He dunks against his opponent with power.

Kobe is a pure blood Filipino now playing in LA Purple Ghost showing his talent in  basketball.

Others who saw how he plays commented that this kid can dunk but in shooting, post offense and transition defense are the areas that he needs to focus on. 

Some says that this kid was just over-hype and questioning how Kobe Paras got a UCLA scholarship.

Others also said that Kobe is still young and has a lot to learn, especially adapting to the game pace. He's still adapting how the Americans play. He has to play hard and exert more effort on defense and some noticed that when he shoots, he looks like he forces it. 

However, Kobe Paras can be a great basketball player once he puts to work in improving his current skill set and body conditioning.

There are also comments that Kobe is talented but not skilled yet! He needs to keep on practicing and work hard but he has potential.

Watch the video how Kobe Paras Dunks against his opponent with power at 3:14:

As of the record, there is no pure blood Filipino who played in the NBA and this kid might be the first to play in NBA if he keeps on improving.

To Kobe Paras, good luck kid! I'm sure Filipinos are proud of you!

What do you think of these comments? Write your comments below.

Watch UCLA-Bound Kobe Paras Dunks Against His Opponent Watch UCLA-Bound Kobe Paras Dunks Against His Opponent Reviewed by YenAnonymous on November 29, 2014 Rating: 5

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