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Catholics Witness A Miracle As Statue Of Virgin Mary Cries Tears Of Blood In Mexico

Churchgoers in Mexico claim to have seen blood pouring from the eyes of a statue of the Virgin Mary.

A stunned father has described his amazement after watching a statue of the Virgin Mary he keeps in his house weeping blood.

The man, from Jalisco, Mexico, claimed the figurine has been crying for four months, a phenomenon some Catholics see as a sign from God.

The statue, which shows the Virgin Mary in a white shawl topped by a crown, is now caked in what its owner claims is dried blood.

However, its exact location is being kept a secret and members of the public are not allowed to visit, the man told TV news channel Telemundo.

He might be concerned about prompting a mass pilgrimage to the statue, as happened in the Colombian town of Floridablanca earlier this year.

Images of the statue with a red liquid dripping down its cheek prompted a wave of ecstatic visitors who believed they were witnessing a miracle.

“I saw that the Virgin had a tear of blood. I was surprised. I felt joyful, sad... everything,” said resident Ana Cristina Jimenez.

“I believe it. The Virgin is alive in Heaven. I know she’s real,” added Miryan Quintero, another woman from the community.

The Catholic Church did not comment on the unexpected mass pilgrimage, although the archbishop of the nearby city of Bucaramanga advised caution. 

It remains to be seen whether or not the Vatican will endorse the weeping statue of Jalisco as a miracle.

Only a very small number of similar occurrences have been accepted by the Church as valid miracles, with numerous others proven to be hoaxes.

Meanwhile, reports of Virgin Mary statues crying blood or water is not uncommon in Latin America and many Catholics consider the phenomena to be a miracle.

In May, a statue of Jesus’ mother mysteriously started ‘weeping’ after its owner’s cousin was brutally murdered.

Maria Cardenas, from Fresno, California, was given the holy figure as a Mother’s Day present 10 years ago.

But when her cousin Jessie Lopez was killed a year and a half ago, Maria said tears started welling up in the Virgin Mary’s right eye and streaming down her face.

And in September, viral footage showed the chilling moment the body of a little girl who died 300-years-ago appeared to suddenly open her eyes.

Tourists were visiting the Cathedral of Guadalajara which is also in Jalisco, Mexico, where the preserved remains of Santa Inocencia (St. Innocence) are encased in a glass coffin.

One visitor claims to have captured the moment she appears to open her eyes when he was recording a tour of the church.

The terrifying clip was posted on YouTube where it has been viewed nearly a million times.


Sources: DailyMail, The Sun
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