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UCLA-Bound Kobe Paras Rated By 247Sports As 4-Star Player

UCLA-bound Kobe Paras rated by the 247Sports as a 4 star player with a rating of 91/110. The ranking was updated last December 02, 2014.

Paras is rank number 93 in national and 16 as a shooting guard position and number 12 in California state based on "Sports Rating."

Another category is "Composite Ranking," Paras rated as a 3 star player with a composite index cap of 0.8842, rank 198 in national, 40 as shooting guard and 22 in California state. 

247Sports is composed of the largest and most recognized national recruiting agents like the industry veteran Jerry Meyer. It employs more than 50 analysts, reporters and experts that rank the country's standout high school basketball and football recruits from different class years.

So what are the criteria for ranking the high school players like Kobe Paras?

According to 247Sports, when they gave Sports Rating to each recruit they assess, is they assign a star and numerical value to them. These are determined by analysts after numerous hours of direct observations, video assessments and additional inputs from their group of scouts.

Recruits are grouped first based on their quality with a star value and then they're given a numerical value based on their potential to improve and grow, and they're finally ranked conforming to these numerical value. Kobe Paras has 4 star and 91 sports rating value.

On the other hand, 247 Composite Rating is an exclusive algorithm that arrange prospect ratings and rankings listed in the public domain by bigger media scouting services. It gives a linear composite index capping at 1.0000. As to Paras, he has linear composite index of 0.8842.

Paras is in his junior level and there is still enough time for him to enhance his skills further at the high school level.


Source: 247Sports
UCLA-Bound Kobe Paras Rated By 247Sports As 4-Star Player UCLA-Bound Kobe Paras Rated By 247Sports As 4-Star Player Reviewed by YenAnonymous on December 09, 2014 Rating: 5

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