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This Double-Muscled Dog Looks Like A Bodybuilder

When I first saw this picture of a dog while browsing the internet, I really thought it muscles under some brawny athlete is edited in Photoshop. But it turned out, this is a real dog!

Even though, people mistake her for a pit-bull with a pinhead, this incredible hulk of dog is one rare breed. Her owner, Ingred Hansen, who currently lives on a farm in Victoria, Canada, has had her since she was eight months old.

This beefy dog named is Wendy whose appearance is far from long, thin members of its breed whippets.

She was born with genetic abnormalities, because of which, she looks like an incredibly huge, muscular dog.

While her head, heart, lungs and legs are the same size as a normal whippet, a defect of its genes has led to what is called “double muscle mass.”

She weighs 27 kg – twice as much as she should – and has huge bulging neck muscles, burly shoulders and haunches like a baboon.

Unlike ordinary whippets known for their lithe and narrow frame, this 4-year-old pedigree doesn’t just have 6-pack stomach – she has a 24-pack!

But, even though Wendy may look oddly threatening, her adoring owner Hansen claims that the giant dog likes nothing than clambering up on to your lap to have her back scratched.

Unfortunately, her mixed-up genes may lead to the fact that the duration of her life will be shorter than normal dogs.

The strongest dog in the world is just like a normal pet that loves to spend her days prowling around the fields, chasing other dogs and horses and sleeping on her owner’s bed.

She has been the subject of an American genetics study. Although this kind of dogs is customarily bred for hunting, racing and showing, Wendy enjoys a slower pace of life.


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