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These 16 X-Rays Of Pregnant Animals Are Extremely Amazing

X-rays are a way of letting you see inside the human body or things, and when a woman is pregnant you can see the baby growing inside.

It’s a cool way to view things that you can’t normally see, but have you seen X-rays of pregnant animals? It is truly amazing.

Here you will get to see some pretty incredible photos of X-rays of animals while they are pregnant.

Some of them show pretty much what you would expect to see while some of them are completely different from what you might think you would see.

It’s a different look into some of the things we see every day.

1. A Pregnant Dog

This X-ray of a pregnant dog is amazing. You can see all the puppies inside the mother, and it looks to be a big litter of more than 8 puppies.

2. A Pregnant Turtle

As you know, turtles lay eggs, and this X-ray showing the five big eggs so vividly is really interesting. Here is a good X-ray of a turtle before she lays her eggs.

3. A Pregnant Cat

This X-ray of a pregnant cat lets you see the little kittens inside. You see the shape of their skeleton, and there looks to only be a few there.

4. A Pregnant Shark

Sharks are fascinating creatures, and this X-ray of a pregnant shark with 20 babies is unbelievable. They outlined how the sharks face looks, and it’s crazy.

5. A Pregnant Snake

Snakes usually lay eggs, but interestingly Boas and Rattlesnakes don’t lay eggs, so these babies are freely inside the mother’s womb.

6. A Pregnant Chinchilla

This pregnant chinchilla has a huge stomach, and you can see pretty clearly the two babies on each side.

7. A Pregnant Bat

This pregnant bat looks really interesting. It is curled up, and you can see where the wings have formed.

8. A Pregnant Guinea Pig

A Guinea Pig might be a small animal, but the X-ray of the pregnant animal shows you how they look when they are forming.

9. A Pregnant Seahorse

This isn’t an X-ray, but it is incredible. Male seahorses are the ones that carry the baby, and this is what they look like pregnant.

10. A Pregnant Tree Skink

This is an X-ray of a pregnant Tree Skink, and she has three babies growing inside her. These little creatures are fun to watch if you ever see one and now you have seen them in a way I’ll bet you never thought you would! Can you spot them all?

11. A Pregnant Bearded Dragon

This vet tech posted an X-ray of a female dragon named Kora. She was about to lay her eggs within the next few days, and seeing all the eggs inside is really fascinating.

12.  A Pregnant Raccoon

This pregnant racoon X-ray displays all the little babies inside the mother, and it looks like there are four babies in there.

13. A Pregnant Monkey

This pregnant monkey looks very comfortable and serene just lying down inside the mother. You can also see the tail if you look thoroughly.

14. A Pregnant Deer

This is a Muntjac deer that was pulled out of a lake. It was injured, possibly from a dog attack, and after scanning the deer, they discovered she was pregnant.

15. A Pregnant Kiwi

This is incredible. The Kiwi bird lays one of the biggest eggs in the bird world, even though it is one of the smallest birds.

16. A Pregnant Horse

This pregnant horse is amazing to look at. It looks like there is a mini-horse inside the mother, and it’s pretty cute.


Sources: Providr, Lifebuzz
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