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The 12 Most Stylish NBA Players Right Now

In case you haven’t noticed, over the past few years, NBA players have evolved into some of the fashion world’s biggest style icons. These days it’s not surprising to see the Professional players sitting in the coveted front rows of fashion shows or modelling in designer capings.

In fact, for some, their looks off the court have garnered even more attention than their actual game play, and some players in the league are definite standouts for their trendsetting personal style.

Let’s check out this list of 12 Most Stylish Players in the NBA today:

1. LeBron James

From GQ to Vogue covers, LeBron James  has done it all in terms of fashion. It’s safe to say he’s really stepped up his game to become one of the most fashionable players in the league. And at this point, we’ve totally lost track of how many Nike LeBron James shoes have been made.

2.  Dwyane Wade

No a lot of men can rock a Canadian tuxedo, but Dwyane Wade sure can. Perhaps, the fact that he’s married to gorgeous actress Gabrielle Union has helped him improve his sense of style, but whatever it is that he’s doing, it’s working.

3. Carmelo Anthony

We’re wondering if his sense of fashion comes from him or his lovely wife La La Anthony. But either way, one thing is certain, Carmelo Anthony has impeccable style and likes showing it off.

4.  James Harden

What’s great about James Harden is that he’s not afraid to experiment with his style. In fact, he’s made the Internet explode two times this year with his unique post-game outfit choices. But whether he’s wearing his floral Givenchy ‘skirt’ or his Dries van Noten harness shirt, we’re always happy to see him being himself.

5.  John Wall

We’re just gonna put it out there that we can’t get enough of this guy’s ‘OOTDs.’ And let’s not even talk about John Wall’s shark pants, because they’re too good to be mentioned.

6. Russell Westbrook

There’s a reason Russell Westbrook has dropped collections with Public School and Barneys and has presented everything from pattern slippers to mesh shirts.

7. Stephen Curry

It’s not enough for Stephen Curry to have the NBA Most Valuable Player Award, but he also has one of the sharpest senses of style out there. Although there’s not exactly an award for that yet, we are confident that if there were, he’d be winner number 1.

8. Andre Drummond

Not a lot of basketball players can pull off a simple style like this, but Andre Drummond sure doesn’t look half bad!

9. Pau Gasol

Not only is Pau Gasol an amazing basketball player, but he’s also kind, likes going to the opera and has an incredible sense of style. What else can a lady ask for?

10. Amar’e Stoudemire

He’s described his personal fashion as ‘clean and classy,’ but Amar’e Stoudemire recent looks have incorporated more avant-garde designers like Raf Simons and Rick Owens. That takes him to a whole different level.

11. Kyle Lowry

There’s stylish, and then there’s Kyle Lowry. Not only does he dress well, but he even has his own Roots collection. One of the highest fashion honors, we’d say.

12. Tyson Chandler

Not even the fact that he's 7 feet tall stops him from experimenting with cutting edge designer gear. Tyson Chandler even confessed that he likes dramatic Goth pieces like capes. Besides, his tendency to push the boundaries with his style has made him an icon in his own right.


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